Phone Systems for All Businesses

Whether you are running a small business or operating globally, Bunnji can help you with your business telecommunications requirements. We have invested heavily in our own telecommunications infrastructure in Australia and partnered with best global carriers to provide you with unified and voice communications in more than 47 countries globally including porting numbers. You will use one interconnect to make and receive calls, this means no more complex installations and configurations in every country. We are also able to provide you with local numbers in more than 145 countries in the world, so that you can operate in those countries without having a physical office. Our executive team has more than 100 years of telecom industry experience.

Exclusive to Businesses

We promise to support businesses only regardless of the size. While the Telco giants focus on the mass consumer market and big chains, we focus solely on companies of all size. Unlike our rivals, we understand what is important to local Australian and global businesses. We provide one on one expert advice to help you prosper. And we create products that bring customers to your door.

World Class Customer Service

Our philosophy is simple. We are small enough to serve you humbly and big enough to meet your service requirements globally. Our core promise is to deliver unrivalled customer service. We answer your calls within 20 seconds and we solve 90% of your queries on the first call. We have five-star reviews on Google and Facebook and 90 % of our customers are happy to refer us to other businesses. Why? The secret is simple.You can’t afford to wait – and with BUNNJI, you don’t have to.

Never Beaten on Price

We promise to always beat the price you’re paying with your current provider now. This might sound like a flimsy guarantee, but it’s a promise we put into action every day. Even with a wildly fluctuating telecom market, we still promise to beat your first written offer. As a result, we’ve attracted many businesses away from the giants.

Smooth Transition

We promise to offer you hassle-free and the smoothest switch possible.
It’s an annoyance when a household loses service but when a business loses service, everything grinds to a halt, losing customers and ultimately, money.
That’s why we’ve invested in a Melbourne-based switching team to manage the process for you. Just focus on running your business. We’ll do the work.